A little about myself

Hi I'm a photographer...

But first and foremost I'm a husband to a loving wife and a father of two beautiful children.

I'm based in Brisbane Queensland, with nine years experience. I started my career shooting landscapes, but then gravitated towards shooting fashion while living in Sydney. My true photographic passion was taking photos at the beach, which led to me pursuing my photographic entity 'Liquid Boulevard' which was a daily photographic journal of the beach life of the Gold Coast. This only lasted for 4 years, as it took it's toll having to produce content day in and day out Monday to Friday.

Since then I've been married, and now have two beautiful children. Thanks to them they have nudged me further into the realm of Astro Photography which I absolutely love and will continue to do into the future.

My love of photography has also now lend me to sharing my knowledge of photography through teaching workshops. Please visit my workshops page to find a workshop that might interest you, and help you take your photography to the next level.

Joel Stafford